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Passing The Baton

The passing of the baton typifies the importance of what the Church has been doing and is trying to do with the leadership programs.

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Joseph - interesting parallel to Jesus Christ. Learn some of the lessons of his life because our lives should parallel the life of Christ.

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Bring Your Tithes Into My Storehouse

What is the basic doctrine of tithing?

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Prepare For Death

Examples of those who prepared for death in the Bible and five points on how we can prepare for death.

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Death Is A Teacher

Death teaches us 1) that life is transitory; 2) what really matters is the spirit; 3) to love; 4) to believe: and 5) to hope.

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Is the Holy Spirit a Person?

Explanation of difficult scriptures: Matthew 28:19-20; John 14:15-18; Acts 5:3-4; I John 5:7.

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Do You Want It?

Do you want the Holy Spirit?

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Must A Christian Be Baptized?

God’s Family vs. The Trinity

The Holy Spirit is the power of God not a person. A Trinity is incorrect because it distorts the concept of God.

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Guarding Against Spiritual Blindness

How do you guard against spiritual blindness? Some of these obstacles have within them the risk of derailing our making it into God's Kingdom.

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