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Ephesians 6 - Part 7 - Why Be Strong In The Lord?

Why be strong? 1. Because of the power of the enemy. 2. To stand in the evil day.

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Ephesians 6 - Part 6 - Be Strong In The Lord

Ephesians 6:10 - "Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might." Why be strong?

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Ephesians 6 - Part 5 - The Other Side

Satan doesn't want to tell you the truth about the other side because he can't tell you the truth. The other side destroys and that is the bottom line - it destroys us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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Day of Atonement - The Azazel Goat

Passover pictures the removal of sin by Christ and the Day of Atonement points to the removal of the cause of sin which is Satan. Both are crucial in the fulfillment of the plan of God.

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Ephesians 6 - Part 4 - Satan’s Devices Part 3

Four more devices that Satan uses: 4) Broadcast negative attitudes and emotions. 5) Use scriptural arguments. 6) Get them slandering and maligning one another, especially the leaders. 7) Encourage rebellion.

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Ephesians 6 - Part 3 - Satan’s Devices Part 2

Another device that Satan uses: 3) To divide and conquer - this device weakens the group and if it is weakened, it is easier to defeat (Matthew 12:25).

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The Greatest Love Story

Ezekiel 16 - the love of God for Israel and His Church.

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Ephesians 6 - Part 2 - Satan’s Devices Part 1

Two of Satan's devices: 1) Get them believing another is the enemy. 2)  Use infiltration - low casualtites for the invading army, but highly effective. 

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Do We Value The Eternal God’s Majesty?

Ephesians 6 - Part 1 - We Are At War

We are involved in a war and we need to be on a wartime footing.We should not be taking a spiritual vacation. We should not be AWOL. We are at war. Am I aware of it?

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